New Zealand’s Like A Storm is back with a new single, “Pure Evil” and a soon to follow new album “Catacombs.” Listen in as Ozz gets all the details from the studio and find out what it takes to make a Like A Storm record. Plus….can you go home again? Click that play button now.





There aren’t too many bands who it can be said are as exciting now as they were when you first discovered them, but with Like A Storm, the statement could not be more accurate. 

Their layered masterpieces, which combine brilliant vocals, gritty guitars and their infamous didgeridoo, instantly set the band apart from their peers. And recently, in time for their massive arena tour with Alter Bridge, Volbeat & Gojira, the quartet released a new offering – “Pure Evil”.

“Pure Evil” is seven minutes of pure art. Not content with being ‘just another metal band’, this latest track mixes all the musical elements we’ve come to love from Like A Storm. Trademark didgeridoo drones combine with monstrous guitar riffs, anthemic vocals, and a harmony of choirs and electronics.

Fans and musical peers alike have responded overwhelmingly to this new musical vision. Says guitar icon and Alter Bridge axeman Mark Tremonti, “Pure Evil is totally killer! This song will be so badass live”.

Speaking about their new musical direction, Like A Storm bassist Kent Brooks says; “We’ve always loved writing music that’s layered and epic, and we wanted to keep pushing that.”

Of the song’s lyrical message, which addresses the dark side of religious and political power, guitarist Matt Brooks adds, “The hypocrisy and exploitation that pervade the highest levels of church and government are just sickening. The people making the rules are breaking them more than anyone. “Pure Evil” seemed like the perfect way to sum them up – these leaders seem so righteous, but so often they are the worst of the worst.”

The band are currently in the studio working on their new album “Catacombs”, of which “Pure Evil” is the first single. The record, produced by Like A Storm’s Brooks brothers alongside veteran producer Elvis Baskette (Alter Bridge, Slash), will be released later in 2017. -By Lizi Burt, Editor at AltCorner

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