New Zealand’s Like A Storm is back with a new single, “Pure Evil” and a soon to follow new album “Catacombs.” Listen in as Ozz gets all the details from the studio and find out what it takes to make a Like A Storm record. Plus….can you go home again? Click that play button now…. More…

Letters From The Fire

Listen as Alexa Kabazie and Ozz talk about being a new band with something to prove & find out why she goes no place without a rainbow stuffed panda.

Citizen Zero

Listen as Ozz talks with Josh LeMay about how it all got started & where Citizen Zero goes from here.

A7X Talks “The Stage”

A7X has a brand new record out & a lot of people didn’t see it coming. How does one of the biggest band in the world keep a new release a secret? M. Shadows explains it to Ozz.    

Dope talks “Blood Money”

Edsel Dope & his army are back. Listen as he talks with Ozz about his newest release “Blood Money”. This new disc is the first release since 2009’s “No Regrets”. Hear about what Dope has been up too in their time off & learn about plans for “Blood Money Vol.2”.    

Slaves On Dope

Listen as Ozz talks with Slaves On Dope frontman Jason Rockman about what it was like to collaborate with DMC, Mastodon & Bad Brains.  

Nikki Sixx of Sixx A.M.

The legendary Nikki Sixx of Sixx A.M. talks about their new album and the future of the band.  Push play to hear! Here is the new video!  

Fire From The Gods

Ozz recently talked to AJ Channer, singer of Fire From The Gods. Listen to what he had to say about the band and their album “Narrative.”