Tai Sui is a band out of Austrailia looking to knock down the walls of the U.S. music scene. Listen in as Ozz talks with them about how exactly they plan to do that. Click that tiny little play button NOW!


I know what you expect to see When you click upon this section A masquerade of rhetoric to garner your affection Our words may reveal our wit but our actions demonstrate our intentions
This world is quickly changing and it’s time we pay attention Tai Sui is rebellion in an age of disillusion
It’s raw, fierce and honest, a culminating genre fusion It’s music with an unconcealed cause, inviting conscious evolution A truly passionate, purposeful, creative contribution When information heralds urgency, that transmission will travel far and dear friend, our message we’ve been called to send
is ‘You are MORE than they say you are’. Do you believe in Aliens? We hope so, because we believe in you…Tai Sui FB Page



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