Monday, Nov 12

A new week of the best rock on your radio is here with Lou Brutus on hardDrive XL! This week, Lou is joined every night by featured artist Soundgarden! Special guest From Ashes to New is here to talk about bullying! It’s a new SMASH or CRASH showdown with The Interrupters vs. P.O.D.! Call Lou at 877-MUSIC-11!

Tuesday, Nov 13

Your late-night soundtrack is on hardDrive XL with Lou Brutus! Featured artist Kim Thayil of Soundgarden will reveal the bands future. Lou asks Pop Evil about partying on the road! If you want to believe, call 877-MUSIC-11 and Ask Lou about UFO’s!

Wednesday, Nov 14

It’s not just the rock music you love, it’s hardDrive XL with Lou Brutus! Featured artist Kim Thayil will discuss the legacy of Soundgarden with Lou! Tonight’s special guest is Slash! Got a problem with your boss? Call the XL Shoutbox at 877-MUSIC-11!

Thursday, Nov 15

Feature artist Soundgarden returns to hardDrive XL to tell Lou Brutus about upcoming releases! Tonight, special guest Avenged Sevenfold gives Lou an update on album number eight! Got a parking ticket just as you were about to feed the meter? Call the XL Shoutbox at 877-MUSIC-11!

Friday, Nov 16

Celebrate the impending weekend with Lou Brutus on hardDrive XL! Featured artist Kim Thayil of Soundgarden will tell Lou about unreleased material! Special guest Beartooth will tell Lou about getting the crowd off their feet! Get your questions in for Lzzy Hale to answer in Ask Lzzy! Call in at 877-MUSIC-11!

Monday, Nov 19

Keep warm this autumn by banging heads with Lou Brutus on hardDrive XL! Lou is joined every night by featured artist Halestorm! Tonight’s special guest is Wilson! Plus, Lou’s bringing the good times with Poetry CornerWeird World News and It Came From the Web!

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