Monday, Jan 21

Lou Brutus is your rock and roll shepherd on hardDrive XL! This week, Lou is joined every night by Rival Sons, leading up to the release of their new album “Feral Roots!” Tonight, Ben Burnley of Breaking Benjamin shares with Lou how he finds new music! Call Lou at 877-MUSIC-11 and ask for your favorite song

Tuesday, Jan 22

If you wanna rock, then join Lou Brutus on hardDrive XL! Tonight, featured artist Jay Buchanan of Rival Sons joins Lou to talk writing! Badflower will share stories of weird gifts from fans as Lou’s special guest tonight! If you’ve got a musical question, call 877-MUSIC-11 and Ask Lou!

Wednesday, Jan 23

hardDrive XL is here to play the rock music you love with Lou BrutusRival Sons singer Jay Buchanan will tell Lou about their single “Do Your Worst!” Special guest Three Days Grace will tell Lou about putting together their set lists! If you have a mountain of rage, unleash it in the XL ShoutBox at

Thursday, Jan 24

The man who knows everything about rock and roll, he’s Lou Brutus on hardDrive XLFeatured artist Jay Buchanan of Rival Sons returns for more on their new album “Feral Roots!” Special guests Thrice will share stories of their days touring in a van! Call Lou at 877-MUSIC-11 and tell him about your favorite concert!

Friday, Jan 25

Celebrate Friday with Lou Brutus on hardDrive XL! Featured artist Jay Buchanan of Rivals Sons celebrate the release of “Feral Roots!” Special guest Greta Van Fleet joins Lou to talk about the pursuit of new songs! Call Lou at 877-MUSIC-11 and be a part of the show!

Monday, Jan 28

Kick off a new week with the awesome power of hardDrive XL and Lou Brutus! Lou is joined every night this week by featured artist Altitudes & Attitude! Plus, tune in for Lou’s Rant of the DayPoetry Corner, and Weird World News!

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