It’s Spectacular.  It’s Amazing.  It’s a sight to behold.  Oh no wait.  Sorry that copy is for something else.  This page is for the Johnny and Greg Holiday Parade. 

If you only see one parade this year, this should not be it.  Be prepared to be underwhelmed, The 2017 Johnny and Greg Holiday Parade.

Relive the year 2017 through a series of carefully constructed, hand crafted floats.  Greg has almost 23 minutes into this thing!  Johnny a minute or two. Dee was in the shitter taking selfies so she did not do a damn thing. 

Scheduled to Appear:
– Trip to the Chip Float
and many more. 

Can’t make it out to Loganville to witness the parade in person?  Don’t worry we will have full coverage of all four hours right here on JJO starting Monday morning (Christmas Day) at 6am. 

NOTE:  If you are insane enough to drive to Loganville in hopes of actually seeing  this totally not real parade, WE LOVE YOU and thanks for listening. 

Check out the Holiday Parade Route Below.