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  • 41,158-The number of sets of strings being played through countless riffs during the 27 shows!
  • 42-The number of VLFC cabinets that are arranged in two end fire arrays, a pattern that sets stacks of VLFCs spaced three meters apart from front-to-back and then sequentially delays input signals to each stack by the precise milliseconds needed to thrust the sound pressure waves forward rather than to the sides or backwards.  The uncanny effect of the VLFC’s subsonic impact is evident in Robert Trujillo’s bass solo, in the explosion tracks mixed into “One” and in other high-intensity moments during the show.  The VLFC on tour is a beefed-up version of a production model originally made for NASA to use in vibration testing!
  • 0-The number of albums by any other artist that have sold more than “Metallica” (a/k/a, “The Black Album”) since 1991 (a/k/a, the SoundScan era)
  • 110,000,000-The number of albums Metallica have sold worldwide.  They have earned gold and/or platinum certifications in over forty countries.  Metallica are the third largest selling artist in the United States since 1991 (when Nielsen SoundScan began tracking album sales). Only Garth Brooks and The Beatles have sold more albums in the U.S. than Metallica (meaning, they’ve sold more than Adele, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift, among others)
  • 35-The number of years since Metallica’s 1st show on March 14, 1982.

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