Listen to Johnny & Greg every morning for your chance to score a pair of passes to iCombat – Madison’s only tactical lazer tag experience. Fight zombies every Friday and Saturday night through October 31st. Play for the chance to qualify for the November 6th tournament.

Attention ladies! Join Biatch for a Girls Night Out at iCombat on October 22nd. Fun starts at 6. It’s half-price!



Zombie Outbreak/Zombie Hunt: Every Friday and Saturday, 45-minute gaming sessions through October 31st is only $25 to play. To be eligible for the November 6th tournament, you must have played at iCombat at least once before being qualified to enter this tournament. These sessions will be streaming live on the iCombat website. The tournament is from 5-10pm on November 6th. The deadline to qualify and register to play is October 26th.

Register for Zombie Hunt or Nov 6th tournament HERE

*if you win passes from the morning show, they cannot be used for Friday/Saturday Zombie Hunts or the November 6th tournament. They CAN be used to join Biatch for her Girls Night Out October 22nd.