Charlie Shortino went viral! He’s all over the internets for one of his bad jokes. hahahah. We had Christine Bellport on air this morning reassuring everyone she wasn’t offended. I mean, it did happen two years ago!

The best has been watching ppl from all over the country predict Charlie’s firing….even though it HAPPENED TWO YEARS AGO. Jeez, it’s not like the internet to get all worked up over something small and insignificant. 😉

 A new study tells us most people start farting in front of their partner in the 2 to 6 month range. Which is usually when most people start to say “I love you.” So which came first? The fart, or the “I love you?” I firmly believe the “I love you” is the green light to fart around your partner.  Oh, and FTR you can’t use your hands to keep a fart in.

A cyclist has taken GPS tracking to a whole new level. Check out how hard this guy arts.

Some a-holes shot a couple bald eagles in Idaho. I sure hope they find them. On the bird tip, has anyone else noticed all of the hawks around here this year? I see them everywhere. Maybe the hawk is my spirit animal, although this whole time I thought it was this crab.