The Wiener’s Circle in Chicago has unveiled the Trump Footlong. It’s a 3 inch wiener. COME ON, THAT’S FUNNY! And it’s the cutest lil’ wiener I’ve ever seen! Making Wieners Great Again. LOL. Love it!!!

Sharon Osbourne posted a “nude” selfie in response to The Empty Box’s  instagram nudie (I refuse to say her name ). Here’s my issue with all of this. They aren’t nude. There are giant bars across their jubblies and dugouts. It’s not naked if there aren’t meat flaps. It’s not that hard to figure out. Here. Look. LOOOOOOOK AT IT. How is this NSFW? I’m so confused.

A teacher from Oakfield, WI is a real hero. Jodi Schmidt is donating her kidney to one of her young students who has been waiting for a transplant for years! That is the sweetest thing ever. Watch the video of her revealing she’s a match. Totes adorbs. Heart melting.

The “hot felon” is out, and is apparently flooded with modeling offers. If you don’t remember this dude, Jeremy Meeks, his mugshot made panties drop around the world a few years ago when he got picked up for weapons/gang charges. He was keeping fans up to date on his release date via social media. Way to go, internet.