This is my new favorite post sports matchy thingy interview. Huge props to the mullet.

This dude pissed in your cereal. Literally. It happened in 2014, and rice crispy treats were affected.  Kellogg is investigating, but it’s a little too late!!! How many other batches of cereal have been peed on??? Maybe millennials were on to something, with their decreased cereal consumption.

Rains down south have been leaving animals trapped. Frankie Williams and his brother set out to rescue stranded possums and armadillos.  The video is pretty crazy. I had no idea you could pick up a possum by it’s tail and not get your friggin’ hand chewed off.  These guys for sure reached #HeroStatus.

An Ihop employee was charged with grand larceny after giving away over $3,000 in free beverages over the years.  He claims to be a modern day Robin Hood, but the owner of the Ihop and the police see him more as just a thief scamming for big tips. Dude, you need to re-read Robin Hood, and then watch one of the best movies ever made, Robin Hood Men in Tights.

Another sportsball clip, just cuz it’s friggin’ nuts.