#BeatFresh hahahahha! Jared Fogle got a beatdown in the prison yard back in January, but we’re just getting the glorious news now. IDK if it makes me a bad person to rejoice in Fogle’s pain, but whatevs!

TMZ has been on top of it lately, with an UPDATE on the OJ knife.  Apparently, the DNA scraped from the knife was unable to lead to a conclusive test result. Looks like OJ gets away with murder, again. I have a feeling he’ll be in prison until he dies, but keep in mind the scum bag is up for parole in October 2017.   Don’t forget to check out that FX show, The People vs OJ Simpson, Sarah Paulson is fantastic as Marcia Clark. Wicked perms ftw.

If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you one hundred times; don’t stash that crack pipe in your bra. Elizabeth L. Johnson, 49,of Ohio, is charged with possession of cocaine, obstructing official business, and possession of drug paraphernalia, after she flashed a cop and her crack pipe fell out. Ohio, represent!!  Tyrone Biggums posted her bail 😉

A new survey about weed confirms what us potheads already knew, smoking weed leads to better sex (most of the time hahahah). It was a short and small survey, and most tokers were using weed for the usual issues like insomnia, stress, anxiety and pain. 14% were using herb for an aphrodisiac. SCHAWING!