Gah! Maynard! Us Tool fans should have learned by now. I mean, really, we’ve been waiting FOREVER for a new album. Tool settled their legal issues a year ago, and we were told there were basic tracks ready to go, new album maybe within a year blah blah blah. Now Maynard has stepped in and crushed our dreams. Seems like they just “can’t seem to move forward” with the new songs. So I’m taking the same stance with new Tool as I have with the rumored GNR tour….until shiz is confirmed, I’m giving zero effs.

Taco Bell keeps comin’ up with new, smashing tacos(hehe).  This time it’s Core Burritos, friggin’ cheese in the middle, biaaaaaaaaaaa.  The Spicy Core Burrito has a layer of meat (seasoned ground beef, chicken, or steak), rice, and hot sauce in the outer layer and a core of nacho cheese, shredded cheese, and jalapenos and the Crunchy Core Burrito includes the same layer of meat, rice, and hot sauce but with a core of nacho cheese, shredded cheese, and red tortilla strips. I have to confess, I’m not super experimental when it comes to TBell, or anywhere for that matter.  Same order everytime, 7 layer burrito, cheese quesadilla w/ extra jalapeno sauce. Bam. Smashing tacos. hahahaha.

Now, after eating all of those tacos (stop it, you dirty birdy), you need to do something good for your body. Good news to frequent fast fooders, exercise will help your body cancel out some of the harmful side effects that come with greasy, cheesy, gooey eats. So get rid of that whole attitude “I ate crappy, why bother going to the gym today.” No bad side effects from exercise!! Can’t wait to hop on the elliptical at Princeton Club with a butter burger in my hand. hahahah.

Biebs did a “tribute” to Kurt Cobain at a gig in Seattle. It failed. This guy brings douche to a whole new level. Ugh.

And this is just funny.