This couldn’t wait for #PizzaPthursday!!!! Police busted the final Paris attacker because of an unusually large pizza order. PIZZA SAVES LIVES! Apparently, police were scoping out the place, which was only a quarter of a mile away from home of the attacker, Salah Abdeslam.  The po po figured a bunch of ppl were hangin’ out, plottin’ terrorist shiz, and the big pizza order confirmed the numbers. Good police work, Lou.

A St Patrick’s Day flasher let her taters fly during a live news break about people keeping their clothes on. HAHAHAHA. Yesssss! Just add booze… and boobs.

An 11 year old little shi* went on a joyride with a cement truck he stole. The truck had the keys in it when he lifted it from a local contractor. He led police on a high speed chase, up to 70 mph, through residential areas, over gravel roads and into a dead end. Then he tried to run. Police caught him and he’s in juvie. Omg. An ass whooping would be in this kids future if he was related to me. Can you imagine? I can’t believe that kid knew how to shift and drive that damn truck!

….and in today’s CAT CHAT:

This dude, Steve Rosen, rescues cats in Florida. He has over 30 of them that are outside cats. Someone has been stealing his kitties and now there’s a $20,000 reward for their return. Steve pretty much rules, and his plea for the return of his pets is heart breaking. The world needs more Steves, that’s for sure.