A vet in Pennsylvania made special braces for goldfish named Mr. Hot Wings.  Apparently, Mr. Hot Wings was born without a lower jaw bone and couldn’t keep his mouth open. So the vet made the braces from a credit card. The surgery was $150. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of surgery on a goldfish. Remember George? He had a tumor that had to be removed, and that vet bill ran $200.  All of this talk about goldfish sent me on a researching spree about whether or not fish feel pain like we do. Crazy.

A dude in China had a real taste for raw fish and raw meat, and he paid the consequences for that. Doctors treated a liver parasite and removed a 16 foot tapeworm from a 45 year old named Chen.  The pix are disgusting. Did you know tapeworms can live for 30 years and grow up to 50 feet? EEEWWWWWWWWWW!

Tons of rumors are going around about Axl Rose joining AC/DC for their ten remaining dates in the US. Those shows were postponed because of Brian Johnson’s health issues. AC/DC camp says there’s nothing official to confirm. Which sounds like a yes to me.