There’s a private street in Camino, California called Glory Hole Drive, and for some reason the sign keeps getting stolen. I can’t help but laugh at this story.

Wes of Puddle of Mudd needs help. He had another on stage meltdown, this time across the pond. The whole band walked off stage, and he sat in a chair babbling on about who knows what. I really hope he gets clean and works out his issues.

A convicted and released rapist was watching porn while walking down the sidewalk in Nashville, and then a runaway trailer struck and killed him. The only thing that would have made this story better is if he was hit and killed while walking out of the prison. Sometimes karma takes a few years to kick in, but it’s worth the wait.

Period panties are a real thing. I thought it was just a phrase like, “Don’t bother talking to your sister today, she’s got on her period panties.” Turns out, they’re absorbent panties you wear during your rag.  Now you can order a new line of period panties called “Bloody Marys” with a picture of a politician in them, so you can “bleed all over their faces.” Icky, but funny!