Well, the chick from the Disturbed cell phone ass chewing video has made a statement.  She seems like a nice enough lady. Her old man bought their tickets six months in advance, was a huge fan, even wore his 15 year old Disturbed shirt to the show. The incident happened when Disturbed came out for the encore, and guess what? She was texting her 14 year old kid who just got home from a youth night, did I mention there was sever weather happening, too?  I wouldn’t be surprised if David back tracks, maybe apologizes, then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t. It’s a good reminder that you never ever ever know someone’s story. You have no idea what their current sitch is at the moment, so don’t be too quick to judge. One more thing, stop giving a shiz about people being on their phones! Why do you care how they find happiness? It’s none of your bizzznasssssss.

People calling 911 about food order related problems always make me smh. This lady in Connecticut was having a pizza emergency when her pie showed up with the wrong toppings. The pizzeria wouldn’t refund her money and they hung up on her. So, of course, she called 911. The dispatcher ended up offering to have an officer meet her at the pizzeria to sort it out, but from what I’ve read, that didn’t happen. I’m guessing they ate the pizza anyway. LOL.

Andrew Dale Marcum is a criminal with a soft spot for talking smack on FB. The Butler County Sheriff’s Office posted Andrew as their “Warrant of the Week.” Then Andrew commented on the damn post. Then the police asked him to come by the office, and HE DID. Not the brightest fella.

Subs so fast we’ll jump over a moving train to get ’em to ya!!! A Jimmy Johns bicycle delivery guy was captured on video jumping over a moving train with his bike slung over his shoulder. HELLA IMPRESSED! Management, not so impressed, imagine that. Turns out, it’s against company policy to break traffic laws (or in this case train crossing laws) whilst making a delivery. Give the guy a warning in public and a pat on the back in private, imo.