Did you see this kid almost get his face smashed by a flying baseball bat?? Crazy!!!! CAT LIKE REFLEXES FTW!!!

Jeremy McVay from Dodgeville got his 4th OWI while driving a tractor, doing his best George Jones impression. Wisconsin, represent.

A drunk lady in Illinois hit a tree and drove around with it. It happened a while ago, but the Roselle PD just shared it on their FB page. Jeeeeeeez, lady.

Some prankster has been writing fake parking tickets in Asheville, North Carolina. When you scan the QR code, you get Rick Rolled.

The new SD license plates are totally effed.  It’s the top one in this pic… George is looking a totally different way! Turns out, it’s a collaboration between the governor’s office, the Department of Tourism, the Department of Revenue and South Dakota law enforcement. What could go wrong with four different government agencies working together on one project? HAHAHAHAHA!