Page Martin was dining at a northwest Ohio Pizza Hut with her hubby and her three month old baby.  Her kid needed to eat, so Page whipped out her tater and started nursing. Some asshole at the restaurant complained, and then an employee asked Paige to cover herself and the baby. When Page said her son doesn’t like to eat while covered, the employee asked her to move to a private booth, she refused (as is her right! OMG PEOPLE!) and then was asked to leave the restaurant. SMH. I cannot believe we are still dealing with anti-breastfeeding morons. “Well could I get you to move to a private booth because we have some parents here who don’t want to expose their children to that,’” recalls Martin. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? If you can’t explain to your kid that the baby was nursing you’re not qualified to parent. UNREAL.

John Kasich is making news today for eating pizza in New York City with a fork. A FORK! This really irritates some people. I don’t care.  I can’t care. Although, the only time I use a fork for pizza is if it’s deep dish or taco pizza. #Recognize