I’m gonna lead with TOMMY CHONG IS NOT DEAD. Omg, people. Stop falling for celebrity death hoaxes, please.

Monday Morning Leftovers this week covered Rick Astley releasing a new single, and it’s good! I totally expected to get rickrolled halfway through it, but nope! Just a solid tune! He can sing!

Vince Neil and Nic Cage got in a spat over the weekend. Two drunk dudes in the middle of the day arguing. Perfect. Vince Neil went after a lady asking for Nic’s autograph, grabbed her by her ponytail and threw her to the ground. He got charges thrown at him, but didn’t get hauled off to jail. Unreal. Here’s Nic Cage as a pickle, just cuz.

Some dude got fired from his job at a thrift store and went off about management over the intercom . It totally reminded me, and anyone who has ever seen Half Baked, of the infamous Scarface scene. TBH, I can’t believe intercom rage doesn’t occur more often. One of the most absurd intercom stories took place in Jersey, read about it here 🙂

Axl Rose broke his foot at their secret warm up show last week, so he had to perform in Vegas over the weekend from a chair. Well, it was more than a chair, it was a throne, the same one Dave Grohl used when touring with his broken leg. The show sounded really good! Hopefully it’s an indication of how kick ass the reunion tour will be!!!