The Verona PD released a sketch of the creepy lady trying to convince kids to get in to her car…. and I understand this is serious subject matter, but….LOL. WTF IS THIS?

Then, with the help of FB interactions, other horrible composite sketches surfaced, from other crimes. Hahahahaha!

And who could forget Tom Brady in court. LOL.

A dude in Mississippi called the cops when his dog brought home a giant bag of weed. The owner thought, at first, that it was garbage, but turns out, it was a pound of the sweet cheeba. And this guy called the cops. He’s obviously a total square, but what a kick ass dog!

In perhaps the worst collection of reddit posts, OBGYN peeps dished on some effed up shiz they’ve found in people’s vaginas. I mean, what in the absolute fuuuuuuuuuuu**.  Ribbet Ribbet is all I’m going to say. Click at your own risk.