GO INKY!!!!  Inky the New Zealand octopus was donated to the New Zealand aquarium by the crawfisherman who caught him. In case you didn’t know, octopi are extremely inquisitive and very smart, Inky, proved that statement to be true when he saw a small gap at the top of his aquarium and escaped! He squished through the opening. slithered through the halls of the aquarium to a sea water run off pipe and found freedom in Hawke’s Bay. The aquarium isn’t going to pursue Inky, and instead chalked it up to a learning experience. Octopi are legit AF. Check out this other amazing octopus escape.

Bono can solve everything. Just ask him. He testified in front of congress the other day and recommended deploying comedians to stop ISIS. Not even making this up. I agree to a point, comedy is the final truth….that being said, I feel like he’s underestimating the enemy, ya know? Oh, Bono.

Wanna lose a few lbs? Chew louder. According to new research, if you hear yourself chewing, you eat less. Like 45% less. Ugh. No thanks. I can’t stand the lip smacking noise. Wanna lose weight? Move around and practice portion control. Now excuse me while I drink this 12 pack. In moderation. 😉

A couple jackasses from Richland Center sent out snap chat vids of them torturing a deer. I can’t watch the video, and the story made me cry this morning. I’m pro hunting, let’s be clear: These assholes are not hunters. They are sick, twisted, soon to be serial killers. I hope they catch them.  Careful with the video, it’ll rock you for a while. The investigation is ongoing, and I hope they find who did this and at least revoke hunting privileges. SMH.