I’ve been known to binge watch netflix as much as the next stoner, but AJ Fragoso from Brooklyn is at a whole different level.  He set the Guinness World Record for binge watching when he pounded out 94 hours straight watching TV. BRUTAL! He couldn’t take his eyeballs off the screen except for 5 minutes out of every hour, which is also food and bathroom time.  There was a doctor there with him to makes sure he didn’t die, and it was sponsored by CyberLink.

SQUIRREL! Two squirrel stories in the newzzzz today!

First, a couple tourists in Florida got video of a huge effing squirrel, and it’s adorable!!! It’s a fox squirrel, which is the largest species of tree squirrel in the USA.  Too cute!

Secondly, a squirrel started a fire when it got electrocuted in some dude’s lawn on the east side. Left a burn radius of 2 feet by 15 feet! Damn, dude! Crispy little critter! Here’s an unrelated pic of a super ripped rodent.

Ian Burkhart became paralyzed in a freak accident five years ago, and now because of a brain implant he is able to pour a drink, pick up a straw, and play video games!!! The implant bypasses the spinal injury and makes his hands and arms move just by him thinking about it. HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT???? Neural engineering is a quickly developing field, and this is a HUGE development. Very cool.