The Dodge County Sheriff is one of a bunch of peeps pissy about an SNL skit called Heroin AM. He doesn’t like that it’s making light of the heroin epidemic we’re experiencing. I understand what he’s saying, that if you just lost someone close to you to heroin or are currently struggling with heroin addiction the skit could be considered insensitive, however, some of us that have lost people to heroin NEED to laugh in order to get over really super effing bad shiz. Humor is our way of accepting and moving on. SNL has always done skits like this, it’s nothing new, and let’s look at the positive: we’re all talking about heroin this morning. If you or someone you know has a problem with addiction Tellurian is a great resource. 

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO was the inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining, and apparently there’s frequent appearances by F.O. and Flora Stanley. Recently Henry Yau visited and snapped a picture of a ghostly figure standing at the top of the staircase. Whoooooooaaaaaaa! That’s CRAY CRAY!!!!!!!!!!  I desperately want to visit this hotel. First of all, I friggin’ love the movie and the book The Shining and secondly Colorado has legal pot! hahaha! Besides that, the Stanley Hotel offers ghost tours, and I’m all about that!

Do you remember Fart Spray, from middle school? You could get it at Spencer’s for like 5 bucks.  It’s time for a fart spray comeback, and Blake Zengo is leading the way! Police were called to a bar in Athens, Georgia because a dude sprayed a woman in the face with a foul smelling product.   They found Blake Zengo, 20 years old, drunk and denying any connection to the bad smell that was so offensive it actually made people leave the bar. Well, the fuzz found fart spray in his pocket, and a very drunk Blake ended up with disorderly conduct, underage drinking and public intoxication tickets. I’m all for a fart spray comeback, but let’s not spray it in people’s faces, mkay?