Phillip the duck has new feet!!! He lost his feet to frostbite, and his adoptive mom, Vicki, was desperate to save her duck, and get him new feet a la 3D printer. So Vicki called up a teacher from an Oshkosh middle school, and the class decided to help out Phillip. Now he’s getting around just fine in his new prosthetic feet. Fantastic! 3D printing has helped a bunch of animals get a second shot at life. So cool.

Looks like we won’t get Boaty McBoatface after all, but we do have Trainy McTrainface and Horsey McHorseface! hahahah! To catch you up, in case you’ve been in an internet hole, Natural Environmental Research Council put an online poll up asking people to submit and vote on different names for a multi million dollar polar research vessel, and the internet picked Boaty McBoatface.  The science minister has the final say, and he’s totally kiboshing the name.  Now a gelding in Australia is making news for being named Horsey McHorseface. LOL. The racehorse was purchased for $45k and should be on the track racing shortly. Sometimes I freekin’ love the people of the internet.

Shana Marie Perez of Georgia posted a video to Facebook of her young child getting paddled at his public school.  He apparently cut in line and spit at someone, so according to school policy the punishment was paddling or suspension.  The mom would have gone to jail for truancy if she allowed him to get the suspension instead of the paddling. The video is definitely hard to watch, and I personally believe that whoopings should be left to the parents, but when you live in Georgia this is an accepted thing. The internet has lost it’s mind though, and the emotions run the spectrum. What do you think about the sitch? Pretty sure I would have taken the jail time and moved my kid to somewhere that doesn’t paddle small children in public schools.