Happy stoners day. Obviously, this day means more to some than others, but I implore you to watch this episode of Weediquette and have your mind blown. Educate and reform! yay!!!

Science has proven what all of us Queen fans have always known, Freddie is the king.  This morning we made the official declaration that Freddie Mercury is the best vocalist ever, and well, that means absolutely nothing 😉 Scientists know what’s up though! Some tidbits from the research: Despite being known largely as a tenor, he was more likely a baritone. They based this assumption off analysis of six interviews that revealed a median speaking fundamental frequency of 117.3 Hz.  What’s more, Mercury’s vocal cords just moved faster than other people’s. While a typical vibrato will fluctuate between 5.4 Hz and 6.9 Hz, Mercury’s was 7.04 Hz.  Check out his isolated vox, total goosebumps. Love ya, Freddie.

The Jesus Lunch is making people lose their effing minds. Freedom from Religion peeps showed up to protest the free lunch given to Middleton High School students by a group of church moms.  Everyone is free to protest, but keep in mind, you’re essentially protesting free pizza. I mean, I will listen to anyone talk about anything if I can get a free slice of ‘za. IDGAF. That being said, the Jesus Lunch peeps aren’t following proper school procedure and have been asked to do so.  Everyone should just follow the steps in place already to make Jesus Lunch an official thing, or you better be prepared for the Satanists Picnic and the Atheist Snack Attack to happen. This just in: everyone can be happy in this case, there’s really no need for anyone to bitch! Just follow the rules, and everything will be fine, OMG! Stop making everything so effing difficult, and give me that effing pizza, bia!