18 year old Cody Morris visited a McDonald’s drive through in Springdale, Arkansas with 2 of his buddies. They ordered water, parked the car, dumped the water out, went into the restaurant and filled their water cups with soda. The manager asked them to dump out their drinks and leave, and everyone but Cody honored the manager’s wishes. Cody instead, made a run for it, and the manager followed him to the parking lot. Cody proceeded to flee, and in the process hit the manager with his car TWICE.  The cops found him at a bowling alley down the road from the crime and arrested him for felony robbery, with more charges likely to follow. Don’t be a douche, Cody.

Stayin’ on the McDonald’s tip, they’re releasing a new Mac Jr and a Grand Big Mac.  That mac sauce is off the hook!

A bunch of scientisty people studied the extent of coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef and found that as much as 93% of it, which is over 1400 miles has some level of bleaching. Extreme bleaching was reported in a 600 mile region of the northern section. Coral bleaching isn’t unheard of, with previous bleaching events happening in 1998 and 2002, but in both of those cases the percentage of affected reef was much lower. What causes bleaching? Increased sea temps and extreme weather events…..but don’t worry, there’s no climate change problem…. *facepalm*

Chyna the wrestler has passed away at age 45. Possible OD. Super sad that a legend like her had such demons to battle. We talked to her not too long ago, listen to it here.