Prince died and everything sucks, we’re too sad to screw.   I’m going to highlight my fav shiz from the internet that has surfaced or resurfaced since his passing.

Wolf Blitzer, fondly remembering Purple Haze lol

Here’s Prince kicking Kim Kardashian off the stage

Check out Corey Taylor covering Purple Rain here. Seriously LOVE THAT GUY.

Turns out the rumor about a huge vault of unreleased Prince tunes is true.  It was always thought to be urban legend, but it’s been confirmed by several people that worked closely with Prince. There’s so much music in it that a new album of Prince material could be released every year for a century. Effin’ nuts, man.

If you’ve never watched the Prince True Hollywood Stories,  you should. Blouses.

MTV tried to do a tribute to Prince by playing a marathon of his videos, when they accidentally slipped a Fresh Prince video in the mix. Whoops.