The Michigan Humane society received a call about an orphaned chihuahua puppy whose mom had been struck by a car. Needing a surrogate mother, they tried pairing Bobby, the orphan, with a momma cat.  The momma cat totally took Bobby in as one of her own, and now it’s the cutest damn thing to see on a Monday morning.  Check out some other unlikely pairings here.

2 Prince quickies: First, check out this post from Clyde Stubblefield’s niece. Pretty effing cool.

Second, Ted Nugent declared “I think Prince and I were musical blood brothers.”  No, you weren’t, you giant heap of douchebaggery. Nothing effing close. Prince was weird and generous and kind, you, Ted, are ordinary, predictable and a bully.  Grow up, shut up. Ugh. Over rated pile of shiz.

Searcy Hughes appeared on Maury and the internet quickly realized she’s a ringer for Ted Cruz. has offered her and her fiance 10 grand for a 6 minute sex tape, which is effed up, cuz they’re nassssssssssttttttttttty.  She’s accepted, of course, and hopes to buy a truck and pay off her house with the ten grand. Damn, that’s a cheap truck.  She’s full blown hillbilly, enjoy the interviews, oye oye oye.  Like Johnny said, it’d be better if they could find a Ted Cruz impersonator to have sex with her.  Then it’d be Cruz bangin’ female Cruz. hahahhahaha.