22 year old Jennieraven Myers was part of a drunken high speed chase, topping out at 108 miles an hour IN A 2015 DODGE CARAVAN! HAHAHA! I had no idea a minivan could go 108! That’s impressive! Jennieraven’s decision making, not so impressive. It all started when a Grant county deputy tried to stop her for speeding.  She decided to run for it instead.  According the the report the pursuit went south on Highway 151 into Dubuque, Iowa.  Myers made a U-turn and went north on Highway 151 back into Wisconsin. The sheriff’s office said her vehicle was on radar traveling at 108 mph as she re-entered the state. Myers circled over the Badger Road overpass and south again toward Dubuque. She crossed over the grass median, went north back over the Badger Road overpass, and then south back toward Dubuque. Myers eventually stopped along the Highway 151 median between exit 1 and the state line.  Once she was captured she was SUPER combative and even damaged a squad car. Dang, girl!

The DEA approved clinical trials to study marijuana for use in PTSD treatment for veterans. THIS IS A HUGE VICTORY! Veterans have been battling the VA for the right to use marijuana as treatment for years. The problem comes with the VA being a federal agency, and as such, must obey federal laws, which classifies weed as a schedule 2 drug – no medical use.  So even in states where weed is legal, veterans were unable to use it as treatment, and could even  lose their VA coverage if they got caught tokin’. So the clinical trials are the first step, essentially, in letting veterans use marijuana as treatment legally. Check out Weediquette Episode 2 for more info on veterans and marijuana. Fantastic series, I highly recommend it.

A guy on “The Price Is Right” named Joshua was about to spin the wheel yesterday, and he gave a shout-out to all the sick kids watching at home.  Then he landed on $1.00 and went on to win his Showcase, so he walked away with about $30,000 in cash and prizes! YESSS!!! I totally remember watching the Price is Right when I stayed home sick from school 🙂 If you missed Adam from Killswitch Engage on the Price is Right, check it out here – Part 1 and Part 2.