A weatherman from Hungarian TV2 thought he’d be funny and add a fart joke to his forecast that was calling for windy conditions.  The suits didn’t think it was funny and fired the dude.  He’s currently looking for work, he should apply to be on our morning show. 😉

A couple was found guilty in the death of their toddler in a Canadian court.  They were charged for “failing to provide the necessaries of life” because their 19 month old son, Ezekiel,  died from bacterial meningitis, and it was totally preventable.  They treated his meningitis with a friggin’ maple syrup serum and fruits and veggies. OMG. IDIOTS. Here in America, an argument regarding the line between religious freedom and killing your kids is being debated.  There’s a whole sect of fundies in Idaho that don’t believe in modern medicine at all, and over 10 kids from that “church” have died in the last 5 years from totally preventable causes. Stop killing your children in the name of religion. SMH. RIP Ezekiel.

Tuesday was apparently “Alien Day” and we totally missed.  I LOVE that series of movies sooooo much, I can’t believe I dropped the ball on celebrating Alien Day!! Anyway, in celebration, Reebok released Alien Stompers, shoes inspired by Ripley in the movie Aliens.  So why did this make the news? Because Reebok accidentally listed the shoes for sale under the Men’s section of their website, not the Women’s section, and well, Ripley was a bad ass chick.  Feminists on twitter were pissed, Reebok says it was an accident and it’s a unisex shoe.  Stop being mad about everything, internet. Just…stop.