Wes Scantlin had a stand off with LAPD at his home.  Someone dropped the dime on Wes, saying there were people in his driveway breaking into a car that was parked there. When the cops arrived, Wes ran inside. Turns out, he had a warrant for his arrest, which is why he hid from the 5-0. Anyway, after a couple hour stand off, the cops busted down the back door and got Wes cuffed and stuffed.

David Draiman apologized for his cell phone rant. 

“I wasn’t privy to the information of what she had going on and when I made my original Facebook post that information had not yet come out. I feel badly about it and I am sorry. I can only say at this particular point that I think that that tactic may be something that I from here on out remove from my live repertoire because obviously there is the chance of me making that scenario happen again if I don’t have the information that would keep me from making that mistake. So again, I feel badly about it and I am sorry. I never want anyone to leave one of our shows feeling badly. The whole idea is to pull them and to make them feel empowered and sometimes you’ve got to be a little forceful when you do that and if she got rubbed the wrong way, that is something that I regret.”

It doesn’t feel like a forced apology. It sounds like he genuinely feels bad for being kind of a dick. Oh well, let’s effing move on.

The child hood home of Jeff Dahmer is available to rent for $10k/month. It’s 3 bedroom, 2 bath in Bath, Ohio and it has a wicked cool back porch.  It’s also where Dahmer murdered a hitchhiker and buried him in the backyard. Charming. If you’re into serial killer flix check out The Jeffrey Dahmer Files.

Some dude in Hong Kong built a robot that looks like Scarlett Johansson.  He built it all from scratch, has no experience building droids, and used a 3D printer to make most of her/it. Wow. Here I was super impressed with the homemade french onion soup I busted out over the weekend. I’ll just go hang my head in shame.

Just for lulz