RAGE YOGA!!!  I want this to come to Madison so badly! Lindsay, the creator or Rage Yoga, developed the program because she didn’t like how lame-o traditional yoga classes are.  Feel free to drink, swear, fart, and indulge in a few innuendos whilst jamming to Metallica. It sounds like the best effing yoga class EVER! And look at that logo! LOLOLOL

A couple dudes in LA started whipping donuts in the middle of a car chase with police.  They had the top down on their mustang, even though it was raining.  The LAPD discontinued the chase a few times cuz of weather, so the knuckleheads had some time to eff around.  When they decided to give up they proceeded to take selfies with witnesses that were watching the chase. Enjoy jail, guys.

Gramps can kick it! 104 year old Jack Reynolds is officially the oldest person to get their first tat. He even raised money for a local hospice center! Truly a bad ass, he had “Jacko 6.4.1912” tattooed on his arm.

Bam Margera wants your money. He’s back on TV, this time on VH1 for a slimy show called Family Therapy.  The biggest soul sucker of all, Michael Lohan is there, and that should tell you how shady this show is. Anyway, I’m glad he’s trying to get it together, but hockin’ tshirts to capitalize on his rehab isn’t something I can get behind. If you or someone you know needs help Tellurian Madison is a great resource.