Today, something magical happened.  National Beer Day fell on #PizzaPthursday! Here are some pairing suggestions, enjoy, you beer breath havin’ mofo!

Domino’s has made ordering za the easiest thing ever, next to your mom. The Zero-click app is pretty easy to set up and use, all you have to do is create a pizza profile when you download the app. Save all your info in your profile, including your favorite go to pizza, and then when you open up the Zero-click app it gives you a 10 second countdown until your pizza order is placed. Then POW! Pizza at yo’ door! JYEAH!

Can you eat 8 pounds of pizza? Neither can I. Randy Santel can though, he has a can do effing attitude about mowing down za. He finished the 8lb pizza in just 45 minutes, which is impressive in and of itself, but he’s no stranger to pizza eating prizes. He’s a professional eater, and he finished a 28 inch, 10 lb pie with a buddy a couple years ago, and won $500.  Kick ass!