Tons of tornadoes over the weekend and Monday.  First let’s cover this bitchin’ 360 degree video Reed Timmer posted of a HUGE tornado in Wray, Colorado on Saturday.  Whoooooooooooooa.

There were at least 3 tornadoes that touched down in Nebraska and one in central Iowa on Monday.  One dude from Nehawka couldn’t make it into his house in time so he freekin’ clung to a tree and only got cuts and bruises but his home was pretty severely damaged. CRAZY.

There were tornadoes in Oklahoma, too, and one elderly man died as a result.  They’re expecting more storms and possible twisters today in OK…yikes.

Ozzy had a crazy day yesterday, well, we had a crazy day reading about Ozzy is more like it.  So he ended up “missing” after the Sharon and Ozzy split hit the internets. Reports were saying that none of his kids could get a hold of him, and they were panicking.  Then a couple hours later, Corey Taylor says him and Ozzy have an announcement coming up Thursday….but Ozzy was still supposedly missing.  Then we found him. He was taking his dog for a walk….well, holding his dog while walking. His dog looks like him, and I can’t get enough of this picture.