Dude.  There is a playable Beavis and Butthead arcade game in Brookfield, IL, and IT’S THE ONLY EFFING ONE IN THE WORLD! Let’s effing go, dude! Galloping Ghost Arcade has the game, and it took some fixin’ to get it up and going, but they did it! Apparently Atari only made a few of these arcade games, and it tested poorly in focus groups so they scrapped it.  Stupid focus groups ruining my fun.

The Gross Ile, MI High School Boys Lacrosse Team has a weird definition of team bonding. Killing a guinea pig and smearing it’s blood on their faces before a game, ya know, boys will be boys! LOUD EYEROLLING! The school has cancelled all games while the police department conducts an investigation. Police are investigating 10 of the 18 members of the team, but no word on consequences they may face.  Hopefully some animal abuse charges. SMH. If it was a dog people would be losing their minds! Poor little guinea pig, RIP man.

I’m not a fan of Def Leppard, like really at all, but after this story, they’re definitely a bit cooler in my book.  The band visited a deaf school in Arkansas whose mascot is a leopard.  Get it? Deaf Leopards meet Def Leppard.  “I told my grandmother that I was going to meet Def Leppard and she was like that was my favorite band when I was young,” one of the students said. LOL. Oh no.  Grandma music.  Yikes.