Microchip your pet! This story about Jose and his dog, Chaos, proves how important micro chipping is! See, Jose got Chaos after his wife left and then found himself homeless 6 months later.  Jose asked a friend of a friend to watch his dog while he got a place to live.  When Jose asked for the dog back months later, the “friend” refused.  Fast forward a couple years, and Winnebago County Animal County Services called him cuz Chaos was found wandering.  The dog had to smell his hand to recognize him when they were finally reunited, but once Chaos recognized Jose’s smell, he went nuts lovin’ on Jose.  Too cute! Microchip fees are totally worth it!

Employees in chicken processing plants are working in such extreme conditions, they aren’t even allowed to use the bathroom, according to a new extensive report.  They are so restricted in bathroom usage that some workers even wear depends.  Take a second to think about that.  American workers wear diapers to work to process chickens so your sandwich is only a dollar.  That is effed up!!! Poopy diaper chicken people! GAH!

Ozzy and Sharon reunited for an announcement with Corey Taylor.  Knotfest and Ozzfest are “merging” for a two day event featuring a ton of our favorite bands!! HATEBREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WHAT????!!! YAY!  But it’s far away and water will be like 10 bucks a bottle.  Whatever floats your boat though!