Aurora, CO is giving $1.5 million in tax revenue to help the homeless in the community.  The tax money generated from recreational pot sales will help pay for a couple vans for a homeless outreach program as well as giving $200k to a group that helps families that live in motels.  This is great!!! LOVE IT!  This story prompted me to look up how much money we could be making on weed taxes if it were legal in the whole US. The answer? $28 BILLION .

Doctors in Massachusetts performed the first penis transplant on 64 year old Thomas Manning. THIS IS HUGE! Well, idk if the penis proper is huge, but the successful transplant is a BFD! Docs are calling it a surgical milestone and are hoping that Thomas’ new wang will look natural, and he’ll be able to pee out of it, and maybe one day get a boner. He’ll have to take immunosupressing drugs for the rest of his life to limit the chances of his body rejecting the transplant.  Freekin’ cool!

This effing story ticked me off! A couple idiots went to Yellowstone Park, saw a bison calf and thought it was too cold out for the thing to survive. So they put the friggin’ calf in their damn SUV and drove it to the ranger station.  *facepalm* It gets worse.  So then, of course, the herd rejected the calf when it was reintroduced, because the smell of stupid humans was all over it.  Then the calf was wondering around looking for anyone, anything to help him, clogging up roads and approaching people and whatnot, just creating a safety hazard essentially, so the park rangers had to kill the damn calf. THANKS STUPID PEOPLE. GAH!