There was a list of the 20 drunkest cities in the US that was released, and well, Wisconsin made 4 out of the top 5 and we have 12 out of 20 on the list.  Do with this info what you want. Cheers.

Some old Australian dude fought off saltwater crocs with wrenches and spark plugs and lived to tell the tale! Australia be cray!!!  A 72 year old retiree and his buddy were crabbing when their boat capsized and one of them drown 🙁 but the other dude fought off the friggin’ things with wrenches and spark plugs from the boat! ERMERGHERD!!!

So there was another oil spill in the gulf of Mexico and I haven’t heard shiz about it anywhere on “regular” news. But please, let’s spend more time focusing on bathroom issues.  Anyhoo, about 90k gallons ended up in the gulf and they’re still cleaning it up! Sure hope we give them huge tax breaks this year! Ugh.

Police are looking for an unwashed gray haired dude in North Carolina that tied some hiker to a tree! Luckily the lady was okay, although she needed immediate medical attention because she’s prone to seizures.  Anyone else weirded out that there is a dude running around the woods tying women to trees?? Seriously? THE HILLS HAVE EYES, PEOPLE!!!