#WordOnTheStreet is that Tom, Brad, and Tim of Rage Against the Machine are creating a super group with Chuck D and B-Real (Cypress Hill). ERMERGHERD! ARE YOU SERIOUS??? YAY! CLAPPING! They launched a website with a countdown til June 1st, which is apparently when they will debut their new super group to the world. I’m pumped!  What’s Zack de la Rocha up to? Nobody knows. He did some stuff in studio with Nas last fall, but we have no updates past that.

Saltwater Brewery in Delray Beach, FL has designed the first ever 100% biodegradable, edible six-pack rings!  It’s made from the barley and wheat ribbons from the brewing process.  So it’s a better, more sustainable form of packaging beer! I get super excited about this stuff, lol. For now it costs a little more to get the green packaging, but in time costs will go down and it’ll be a fantastic alternative to plastic! TOO COOL!

#CATCHAT!!!  Sam Steingard of Germantown, MD went to his senior prom solo, but only because he couldn’t take his cat, Ruby with him.  Sam did, however, do a photo shoot with Ruby in a pretty dress that matched Sam’s bowtie.  TOTES ADORBS!!!  Sam has since went to college, but still loves his Ruby, you can follow Ruby and all of her cuteness here.

More crazy cat stuff… there’s a thing called the Licki Brush.  It’s a brush for your cat that looks like a tongue and you put it in your mouth when you brush them, so it looks like you’re licking your effing cat. LOL. WTF? They’re supposedly launching a kickstarter for it soon.