Original Beastie Boy guitarist and founding member John Berry has died from dementia at the age of 52.  Super young. Super sad.  He played on their first EP and is responsible for scheduling their first couple gigs.  When the Bboys were inducted in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012, MCA thanked John Berry in his speech. RIP man.  Thanks for helping create one of my all time favorite bands ever.

In Brighton, CO a kindergartner was sent home/suspended for bringing a bubble gun to school.  … … I… I’m….uh… WHAT THE HELL? If it was called a bubble launcher would the kid have been sent home? Or a bubble fountain? COME THE EFF ON.  Use your damn head, people. Beyond stupid.  This must be what all of those people feel like when they say “I can’t even.”

Portugal went 4 consecutive days using nothing but sustainable energy! Portugal has been kicking ass and taking names when it comes to investing in cleaner energy.  Apparently they were very dependent on coal and natural gas and were huge polluters.  So they invested in wind, solar and hydro power and now look! FOUR DAYS IN A ROW being powered by renewable energy! Portugal receives the most sunlight of any European nation, so it makes sense that they would put that to good use, right? LOVE IT!

I love tv news bloopers, especially old school ones.  These bitches couldn’t quit laughing at pig balls. LOL. I mean, they are effing gigantic.