DYING OF A CUTENESS OVERDOSE! ERMERGHERD! A rescue dog ended up rescuing a hummingbird.  Max was on a walk with his owner, Ed, when they came upon a hummingbird on the sidewalk, covered in ants, feathers missing, just in bad shape.  Max refused to leave. Ed eventually saved that damn hummingbird! He fed it sugar water every 15 minutes to nurse it back to health. That was over a year ago, and guess what, the bird still lives in the house. It bathes in Rex’s water bowl! It plays with Rex! I CAN’T HANDLE THIS! TOOOOOO CUTE!

Warren G sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” (poorly) at a Cubbies game over the weekend.  We played the clip and talked about it, but we ended up revisiting the time Ozzy mumbled the whole damn song during the seventh inning stretch. LOL.

This story couldn’t wait until #PizzaPthursday.  A Brooklyn pizzeria invented a pizza box made out of pizza.  You heard that right.  Carb overload and overlord. The owner of the pizzeria prefers ppl eat it in the store, which defeats the whole damn purpose of a pizza box.  Anyway, I’d like to propose the idea of returnable and reusable pizza boxes.  Pay your 5 dollar deposit on your reusable pizza box when your za gets delivered, kind of like when we had glass soda bottles.  Then when your next pizza gets delivered you give the pizza guy your old pizza box! This could be YUGE! Reduce, reuse, recycle, and let’s upgrade that box! 😉

A retired NYPD cop shot his podiatrist in the foot during an exam.  He was showing off his new weapon, it accidentally discharged, shot the cop in the leg, the bullet traveled through his leg and into his doctor’s foot. SMH.  Get it together, people.