Huge facepalm for this story.  A suicidal dude in Chile got naked and jumped into the lion enclosure at the Santiago Metropolitan Zoo.  In an effort to save the dude’s life zoo officials shot and killed two of the lions. THIS MAKES ME SO MAD! Why aren’t there fast acting tranquilizer darts available? Why do we have to kill the animals because some idiot jumps in the cage? SERIOUSLY? Dude lived, FYI, only to presumably go on and kill himself some other day. Hopefully next time he won’t take out any innocent animals with him.

An 8 year old was served a hard root beer at a TGI Fridays in Vegas.  The kid, Tyler Schwab said, “What do you call that? Throw up root beer? Cause that’s what it tastes like.” LOL. It was Not Your Father’s Root Beer, which, btw, IS DELISH, anyhoo, the server apologized, and now Fridays is gonna retrain everyone on proper procedure. I can’t believe the internet didn’t demand the server be drawn and quartered.  😉

Apparently David Hasselhoff can’t afford his $21k monthly spousal support payments.  He’s claiming he has less than $4000 in his checking account and has been struggling to find work.  Him and his ex-wife, Pamela Bach, were married for more than 15 years and divorced in 2006.  Holy crap.  $21,000 a month just cuz you were married to the Hoff??? Wow. That’s a helluva gig if you can get it.  I’m seriously hoping I can come back in my next life as high end vag.  Man oh man.

Graduates from Ontario High School in Southern California had a funny surprise for them when they got their diplomas.  A spelling error right there on the cover. LOL. Of course, every graduate will get a new cover (with proper spelling) and an apology letter. Too funny.

An Australian couple is experiencing some internet outrage over their child free weekends.  Rachel Finch, a model, was doing an interview with Sunday Style magazine when she shared the fact that her and her hubby, Michael Miziner, drop off their 2 year old at grandma’s house every weekend.  Their adult only weekends leave them refreshed and ready for another week.  The internet is pissed. “Why even have a kid?” some people are asking.  OMG. Shut up! It’s not your effing business!! Is the kid healthy? and happy? Is grandma of sound mind and able to watch a kid? Okay then, mind yo’ own damn biznasssss!