Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, which is when a lot of pools open and ppl really get in summer mode, the CDC released a report on our public pools and spas.  If anything, you’re FOR SURE gonna shower before and after swimming after you read the report.  Some low lights: 1 in 8 inspections resulted in immediate closure because of serious health and safety violations, 1 in 5 kiddie pools. This of course led us to the discussion of how many people pee in the pool. Johnny says most people do, but a few different surveys peg it at about 20%.  In my research I found out there are hard core anti pee in the pool people. Like militant. LOL. We all need hobbies.

In a methy tale from Grant County, a man and a child were injured when the one pot meth lab in their motel room blew up.  Police responded to a fire at the Fenmore hotel in Fennimore.  The occupants had left the scene and reportedly stated the fire was caused by a cigarette.  Police discovered their meth lab, and put out an APB.  Iowa County pulled over the suspect’s vehicle and found 26 year old Christopher Dennings with second and third degree burns on him. Also in the car was Tabitha Cory, 34 and her two kids, 12 and 14.  The 12 year old had burns from the explosion at the motel as well.  Tabitha and Christopher were arrested and the kids were taken away.  Turns out, the family was staying at the motel because their house burnt down just days previous, why, you ask? BECAUSE THEIR METH LAB AT THEIR HOUSE BLEW UP. Omg. I think we’ve found the world’s worst meth makers.  I feel bad for the kids.

Okay… here we go with the waterworks…. A Vietnam veteran that was paralyzed just months into his service said one final good bye to the horses he raised and loved.  Ringo and Sugar came to the Audie L. Murphy Memorial Veterans Hospital in San Antonio to kiss and nuzzle their owner, Roberto Gonzalez.  Roberto was the only paralyzed race horse trainer in all of Texas.  His paralysis didn’t stop him from doing what he loved, ranching and training horses.  He’s in critical condition right now and the video of their goodbye is impossible to watch without cryin’ just a little bit.