Shia LaBeouf. I love the dude. I used to hate him, because he ruined Transformers and he shares my birthday, but that hate has turned to love. Mostly because he’s become a huge weirdo, and well, I effing love weird people.  He’s been doing bizarre art projects, like watching all of his movies non stop, riding an elevator for 24 hours, and wearing a paper bag over his head while being insulted by random people. His latest project is my favorite! #TakeMeAnywhere is Shia’s twitter campaign where he gets Twitter peeps to give him a ride wherever.  Hitchhiking via Twitter.  So cool. Many ppl that have picked him up have been documenting their experience with Shia via social media.  Proof that if you have money and do weird shiz you’re called eccentric.  If you’re poor and do weird shiz you’re crazy. LOL.

A queen bee got stuck in a Mitsubishi Outlander while Carol Howarth was at a nature reserve.  She had no idea the queen was in her car, and she went about her business, running errands and what not.  Carol parked her car and thousands of bees descended onto her vehicle.  Turns out, it was the rest of the hive, following the queen! Tom Moses, a ranger at the Pembrokeshire coast national park was driving by when he actually saw the swarm on the Outlander.  He, knowing how people do stupid shiz around bees, pulled over and decided to help.  He called in some bee keeping friends, who removed the bees.  You’d think that was the end, but the next morning the bees had returned to the Outlander and Carol had to call in the beekeepers again.  Hopefully they’ve freed the Queen this time.  Crazy!

Must be rumspringa!!!  Indiana State Patrol pulled over a mini-van going 110 mph in a 60. The 2001 Dodge Caravan was filled with Amish kids 17 and under and they were hammered.  There was whiskey, beer, bottles of booze, smokes and rebellion lol. The driver faces charges for reckless driving, a person under 21 operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration level between .02 and .08, minor consumption of alcohol, littering, learner’s permit violation, speeding, and unlawful possession of tobacco. The 16 year-old boys face charges for minor consumption of alcohol and unlawful possession of tobacco. Both teen girls face minor consumption of alcohol charges.  Yikes. The cops had trouble reaching the kids’ relatives because they’re Amish, duh, they don’t have phones.