So Corey Feldman has recently been opening up about Hollywood pedophilia, which has been a nasty rumor for a long time.  The dirty underbelly of childhood fame.  And it goes waaaaay back, if you can stomach googling the stories.  Anyhoo, according to Feldman’s story Corey Haim, his child hood buddy and fellow actor (they starred in a bunch of movies together) was the victim of childhood rape, and Feldman was also a victim of unwanted touching, all from Hollywood producers and higher ups.  So one could assume the reason why all of these childstars end up drug addicts and suicide victims is because they were diddled by the very people that made them famous.  Strange, though, this all comes to the surface just as Feldman is releasing a new song. Ugh.

Kay Jewelers is under some fire for apparently replacing ppl’s giant diamonds with fake stones during inspections.  When you buy a diamond from Kay’s the policy is to have it inspected every 6 months and the damn thing will last a lifetime. Well, recently people have been taking their rings in for inspection and then learning at the next scheduled inspection that their diamond isn’t legit at all.  Kay Jewelers is naturally freaking out and starting an intense investigation.  Sounds like a rogue employee or employees taking some diamonds for themselves. Crazy!

The owner of Mt Olympus in the Dells had a super shitty week.  A lightning strike on Wednesday night caused over $750K in damage to their $5 million pad.  There were people in the house at the time, and they said that it sounded like a bomb went off.  Over 6 fire departments spent over 5 hours at the scene, putting out the initial fire in 45 minutes but working on putting out hot spots for 5 hours.  Damn, dude.