Candice Spivey has reached #HERO status after she recorded a dude creepin’ in Target, then chased his ass out of the effing store.  Turns out, the dude that was creeping, Jeff Polizzi, had creeped on Candice before in a grocery store a year or so previous. He didn’t remember her, but she remembered him.  A couple seconds into the video she recorded, she asks Jeff, “Do you remember me?”  And MFer just starts running.  She chased him out the store, he eventually tried to hop in his truck and leave, but the cops were right there.  He refused to get out of the truck until cops had their weapons drawn.  Jeff has priors involving upskirt videos and other voyeurism shiz. Currently, he’s being charged with reckless driving, but police are hoping more women come forward to bust him out on his other voyeuristic conquests. Dude, you have to look at Candice’s facebook post. It’s EPIC. LOVE HER! 

Scott Stapp implied he was going to be the new front man for STP during a radio interview.  “This other band I’m jamming with is it’s own band with its own band name,” Stapp said.  Then the dj asks “Hold on for a second, did you get the gig for STP?” Stapp replies, “I can’t say man, I can’t say.” The jock then pushes “You got the gig for STP. That’s exactly what you’re talking about.” Stapp states “I can’t confirm or deny…I will tell you this, there is a 6 degree separation connection between this new project and the band you mentioned.” The dj then asks “Is it the tour bus? Because Weiland actually died on the tour bus you use to tour on.” Surprised, Scott says “Dude you are just on point aren’t you?”  So, that’s definitely implying he’s with STP, imo, but they were quick to shut it down.  Not long after the interview aired, STP took to twitter to squash any rumors.

A 75 year old retired farmer in North Dakota executed a pretty cool Prince tribute when he plowed the Prince symbol into his field.  He said he found the image on the internet, replicated it as best he could from his tractor seat, then hopped in his plane to see how it turned out.  Pretty damn good, if you ask me.

Wes Scantlin was arrested again.  This time as soon as he got off stage from a gig.  He skipped a couple court dates regarding vandalizing his former home.  His bail was set at $250k…Idk if he’s still in jail, but I sure hope he gets some help.