Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you!

It’s gator matin’ season, and they are restless. I had three seperate gator stories today, crazy! The first one a gator was caught on video trying to get into a South Carolina house.  It was climbing up the side of the house! Seriously looks like it’s ready to ring the doorbell!

Second story: A gator was found in a house that is under construction in Louisiana and the dude that found it was alone at the time! Check your shorts bro!  Here’s video of people removing the alligator. Wow.

The last gator story will probably make you facepalm pretty hard.  Police in Georgia had to put out a warning to the public to not feed the local gator, Flat Creek Floyd, AND TO STOP TRYING TO TAKE SELFIES WITH IT. smh.  Really? We’re to the point where we have to tell people that trying to get a selfie with a gator is dangerous? Oye oye oye.

Ted Cruz dropped out of the presidential race and promptly punched his wife.