Happy Cinco de Mayo!! What is it???? Well, it’s not Mexican Independence Day, that’s for sure.  It’s actually a celebration of the Mexican army defeating France in the Battle of Puebla. It’s way more popular here in the US than it is in Mexico, because it’s a reason for all of us to drink margaritas and go to a local mexican restaurant and binge on chips and guac, let’s be honest. I can’t wait to get done writing this so I can enjoy a frosty fruity blended margarita. YUMMO.

Corey Taylor is going to appear in Sharknado 4!!!  Apparently he plays a hotel security guard.  The full cast has been revealed and includes Dog the Bounty Hunter, Stacey Dash, the millionaire matchmaker and a bunch of other people that are somehow noteworthy. I don’t think I’ve seen Sharknado 3, and I’m 60% sure I’ve seen the second one, and I’m almost positive I’ve seen the whole first one, but I’ll definitely have to watch Sharknado 4: the 4th Awakens just cuz Corey Taylor is in it.

AC/DC fans in Belgium aren’t sold on Axl Rose singing vox for their upcoming European run. In fact, 7000 ticket holders took Live Nation up on their offer to refund tickets purchased before Brian Johnson left the band. Whatevs. I’d totally go see Axl sing with AC/DC.  It’d be a friggin’ blast.  Then again, I’d only go if I got free tickets from my amazing employer 😉