In a twist of irony, a Florida lawyer who takes a staunch anti drunk driver stance, like won’t represent them at all, has ended up getting a DUI while speeding in his Lambo. I wonder if he’ll represent himself, and break his promise to never represent drunk drivers.

Ozzy & Sharon are splitsville! After like, a million years of marriage! He reportedly slept with his hairstylist. WOW! I feel like if Ozzy and Sharon can’t make marriage work, who can? Here’s the hairstylist, who apparently is a bfd in famous people’s worlds.

Pink Floyd will be releasing their first four albums to vinyl, which is pretty effing cool. Everybody is gettin’ on the vinyl train! TONS of our JJO Bands offer kick ass vinyl packages and what not. I need to get a turntable so I can get in on this action!

Over 700 people have contacted the dude leading the genealogical search for Prince’s relatives.  Apparently the claims run the gamut, from saying Prince attended the family reunions of these people, to they’re from the same area as Prince, so they must be related. OMG people, you’re not getting any of Prince’s money. Just stop it.

Alden Ehrenreich is going to be playing the young Han Solo in an upcoming Star Wars spin off that will follow Solo’s life before Episode IV. Sure, I see it.