Remember the Jesus lunch controversy here in Middleton? And how everyone got all pissy and the church ppl refused to follow procedure for their during school club, and yadda yadda yadda.  Well, this Jesus pizza lunch is a thing that happens all over the country.  Churches belong to a national group that provides funding for these churches to buy pizza and hand it out to kids.  In a shock to nobody there’s another Jesus Lunch controversy in Seattle, only this one was settled pretty damn easily.  So, same premise, church giving out pizza to school age kids on off campus locations during lunch hour.  With all of the kids taking the pizza for lunch, the cafeteria workers at the school were getting their hours cut.  You see, the amount of staff is dependent on the amount of meals purchased, so less meals being purchased, less staff.  The Jesus Lunch, literally taking money away from other people.  So the union rep called the church, and the church agreed to move the pizza party to after school. HOLY SHIZ. YOU MEAN THERE WASN’T A LAWSUIT? #America